Pharmaceutical packaging is a question of trust

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential that the enormously high demands on quality and hygiene continue with the packaging as well. So it’s good that you can rely on our experts! We guarantee the highest quality, perfect functionality, reliable safety and uncompromising purity of the packaging. We are GMP-certified, which means that we produce in accordance with current GMP guidelines and quality systems. Amongst other things, this includes clear zoning and hygiene regulations and, of course, the appropriate training and development of our employees. All of our processes are precisely coordinated and geared towards the product and its manufacturing chain. With our pharmaceutical expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we develop and produce pharmaceutical packaging for you in three security levels and with 17 different security functions that reliably protect your medicines against counterfeiting and are in strict compliance with the EU directive.


First impressions count

When it comes to cosmetic products, the purchase decision is usually made directly at the point of sale. The packaging is therefore also decisive for the success of a product. What counts on the shelf is the perfect product appearance, which we stage perfectly for you with our tailor-made packaging solutions.

We also guarantee you the highest product quality and safety. Because our processes are based on the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, which we fulfil in an exemplary manner.

Depending on your requirements, you have the option of having your cosmetic packaging refined by us. We enhance your packaging optically and haptically with cold foil, hot foil and relief embossing as well as a range of varnishes. Of course, we are also happy to design individual packaging for you – for a successful presentation of your high-quality cosmetic product.


Environmentally friendly by nature

Packaging plays an important role in the shopping experience. Professional packaging clearly highlights the value and appearance of a non-food product and attracts attention. With our attractive packaging solutions, your products are not only safe and well packaged but your customers are also impressed.

For our packaging, we exclusively use the environmentally friendly raw material that is cardboard. Why? Because solutions made of solid board are perceived as being of higher quality, they can be easily refined and are ultimately good for the environment. In addition, our well-established quality system and state-of-the-art production facilities ensure consistently high product and process quality.

Whatever non-food product you want to package, we also develop and manufacture individual solutions – precisely tailored to your product and market requirements.