Data transmission

To ensure the problem-free transmission of your data, please note the following points:

Data transmission
Please send us your data up to a maximum of 10 MB via your direct contact person in the sales team. If the data is larger than that please upload it on our Pharma Datacenter platform. Login will be distributed if requested. Sending the data by CD or DVD is also possible.

Please send us high definition PDF.
The HighEnd-PDF has to be saved with the PDF-standard PDF/X-4:2010 compatibility Acrobat 7 (PDF 1.6).

  • PDF created with: Adobe PDF libary 10.01
  • PDF-version: 1.6 (Arcobat 7.x)

Data layout
If sending us open data (Illustrator, InDesign CS6) please attach also all pictures in CMYK in a 300dpi resolution and all fonts. RGB pictures will be converted automatically in our workflow with the standard profile ESKO “crom-offs”.

Trapping, overprinting
Our specialists will define the trapping and overprinting.

Compressed Data
If you gathering data out of an application, please compress it into a ZIP-file.

File names
Please use short, clear file names with a maximum of 32 characters. Do not use accents (ä = ae), spaces or special characters (\.,;!/+* etc.) except for _ and -.

Additional data analysis
For an additional charge, we hare happy to have our specialists check all sources which are not delivered as described above and would therefore produce an unsatisfactory result. In this way we can ensure that your order can be processed on time and with the least effort. Our data analysis is part of our professional work.

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