Finalist ECMA Award 2017

Vial Security

Pro Carton and ECMA awarded the winners from the respective categories at the annual congress on 21.09.2017. In the area of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare packaging, "Vial Security" was nominated for the award. For K + D, it was not quite enough for the win, but we were again able to receive the finalist award.

Functional and sustainable

A combination of functionality, safety and sustainability: in addition to its protective function, user-friendliness was extremely important. The pack was to be opened quickly by the user and to allow easy removal of the vial. The vial is used for the transporation of blood tests and therefore an upright position of the primary packaging is essential. A special inner construction was built in order that the vial cannot tip over.

The packaging is machine-glued in a single run. Its sustainability is underlined by the use of recycled materials.



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