Nominated packaging for ECMA Award 2015

Compact, functional and elegant - that is this new carton - with a high quality tactile feel and a clear commitment to recycling. Embossing and the interplay between matt and gloss varnish provide elegant understatement. The colour-coded labels convey the necessary information and form part of its elegant design. The package insert was integrated into the outer packaging. The tamper-proof closure ensures that the products inside are undamaged and sterile.

Requirement criterias

The primary packaging (the white ball) was given and could not be changed. An additional blister and the package insert had to be integrated in the secondary packaging. Furthermore the packaging should have been stackable to facilitate the shipment and storage. A tamper evident closure ensures that the enclosed products stay safe and sterile.

Success story

The requirement criterias were cleary defined by the brandowner. The solution was developped in a couple of project meetings and in close cooperation between the brandowner and K+D. During the meetings the various possibilities for the decoration of the packaging were discussed and integrated in the project. The final product is a combination of functionality, safety and finishing.

The earlier a brandowner integrates K+D in a development project, the more individually and flexibly we can interact with the various challanges.