Cartonboard ensures a working and environmentally friendly recycling cycle.

Sustainable Forest Management

Forests are essential to the cartonboard industry as they provide wood fibres – the raw material for cartonboard.

Forest and cartonboard corporations practise sustainable forestry. Thus new forests grow again and again. Cartonboard is produced from tree populations which have to be cut down anyway. The so called primary fibre cartonboard is a naturally renewable resource of high quality. Further information you will find on Pro Carton - Sustainable Forest Management.

Water Use

Water is an essential element for paper and board production. Water acts as a bond between the fibres and in the production process, is needed for transporting, cleaning, as a solvent, carrying energy in the form of steam and is used in cooling process units.

Please find further information under Pro Carton - Water Use.

Recovery and Recycling

Recycling of paper and board makes sense both from an environmental and from an economic standpoint. It means efficient use of the raw material from the forests, a reduction in waste and energy savings. It also plays its part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions generated in landfills.

Please find further information under Pro Carton - Recovery and Recycling.

Energy Use

56% of all primary energy used in the European pulp, paper and board industry is biomass based, with the wood by-products providing renewable energy in the form of electricity and steam for the manufacturing process. The industry is the largest producer and consumer of biomass based energy – 20% of the EU total.

Please find further information under Pro Carton - Energy Use.

Carbon Footprint

As an industry based on the renewable resource of the forest, cartonboard has a unique advantage as a packaging material. It can claim that the raw material derived from sustainably managed forests captures and stores carbon, that cartons in use continue to store carbon, and that recycling cartons keeps the carbon locked up and prevents it from returning to the atmosphere.

Please find further information under Pro Carton - Carbon Footprint.

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