3D Simulation with artworks

How it works:

  • The 3D visualisation is based on the die-cut designed by us
  • You create your designs and place them on the die-cut
  • Or up send us your graphics files and we'll take care of the rest
  • With then generate your 3D visualisation for minimal cost
  • You can now see your box in the “Pharma 3D-View”
  • All you need for this is an up-to-date version of Acrobat Reader

Your benefits

  • Never make expensive prototypes again
  • Realistic presentation view for marketing purposes or internal presentations
  • The 3D-View can be sent as often as required
  • The product can be placed on a virtual shelf
  • Placement errors are instantly recognised
  • Version differences are immediately apparent


Misunderstandings arising from two-dimensional data are a thing of the past. Line connections, logos and images can be effortlessly verified on the assembled final product

Jetzt ist es Zeit für diesen lohnenden Digitalisierungs-Schritt.

Mit uns geht's wie von selbst.