K+D Pharma Effects

With a variety of finishing options and the latest production equipment, K+D makes sure that your packaging stands out from the crowd at first glance.

Facts that are difficult to ignore:

  • Packaging gives a brand a face, and an impression that can be decisive
  • Packaging generates needs, differentiates, and emotionalises.
  • Packaging with a superior finish gives a brand product a more «premium»
  • demonstrably more «awareness»: at the POS, in the shop window and on the shelf

Creative options for branding support through finishing:

  • Cold foiling: Metallic, Iriodin and special effects
  • Hot foil embossing: Flat, relief and integrated micro-embossing
  • Hot foil embossing: Flat, relief and integrated micro-embossing
  • Lacquer effects: emulsion, UV, Iridion and effect lacquers
  • Blind embossing: high-relief, deep, step embossing and braille
  • various special adhesive processes

Things you can rely on:

  • Together, we put your brand into the limelight: and give it the packaging it deserves
  • Visual and haptic K+D Pharma effects make your packaging the best seller for your brand
  • We develop innovative packaging solutions and create prototypes (mock-ups), pilot series for market tests, 3D presentations and production tests
  • Layouting includes data preparation, proofs, digital Good for Printing, accommodations for new articles and creating codes