Until now, 100% inspection of folding boxes used to be time-consuming and expensive. Now, we have the perfect solution for you. The networking of the AccuCheck modules of three Bobst Expertfold folder-gluers guarantees an uncompromising 100% check. With this world premiere we create a unique selling proposition in pharmaceutical quality.

How it works:

  • The print data provided by you are stored and fed into the Accu-Check database
  • During the last step of the process, the gluing, each printed and die-cut folded box is meticulously compared with the data you supplied. Faulty boxes are ejected
  • Errors such as smudging, or white spots that are larger than 0.5 mm are identified
  • Result: We reproduce your data down to the smallest detail, your folding boxes are guaranteed without deviation or impurities

Your benefits

  • No mix-ups (code check)
  • No faulty prints
  • No impurities on the cardboard
  • Inspection of all perforations and cutting lines
  • No torn packages (breaks or tears)
  • Marginal output loss in the gluing process
  • Significant reduction in or merely identification check of your incoming goods inspection
  • Fewer returns, less administration, reduced process costs

Good to know

  • For a small surcharge we produce standard with Accu-Check.
  • You decide if you do not wish the 100% check.
  • We develop innovative packaging solutions and create prototypes (mock-ups), pilot series for market tests, 3D presentations and production tests
  • Depending on the inspection process you can save up to 20 minutes per item during your quality inspection
  • Ask for the Japan Quality with higher standards

Once more Pharma Quality sets new standards. See for yourself. Challenge us.