It has long become something like a shadow industry: worldwide some 10% of medicinal packaging and their content is falsified. According to estimations, this is equivalent to an annual figure of some 100 billion Swiss francs. The bigger your profit margin is, the greater the probability of cheeky forgeries becomes.

Our packaging is not popular with forgers.

In February 2019 the EU directive 2011/62/EU will become effective in order to fight against falsified medicines. From that moment all packing of prescriptive medicines have to bear the required security features. We provide reliable methods and possibilities to implement the EU-directive safely.

Level 1-visible, apparent without tools
Implementation: Press cutting, all kinds of embossing, special foils, cold foils, graphical elements such as securtiy lines and specific numeration of the blanks, additional labelling (sequential numbering, e.g. Bollini) 2D matrix code with serialisation, rolling optics

Level 2 - hidden, only visible with tools
Implementation: Graphical elements (microfonts, etc.), coin reactive ink, spot inks and lacquers, fluorescent fibres/markings, thermoreactive inks

Level 3 - invisible/«forensic»
Implementation: Nano particles in the glue, Unica Scrypto Trace (smart­phone)

Theft protection/forgery protection

Implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD):

  • Variants of the initial opening guarantee: Perforation, special designs, glue (adhesive process on packaging machine), labels, cellophane
  • Creating various codes
  • Advice on coding (serialisation)

Avoid the risk of not being able to deliver on the due date and start the implementation as early as possible. We would be happy to explain how