Managing your warehouse stock is an industry-independent long-runner that people are prone to disagree on. Especially when it comes to the key topic of «tying up your capital» this is likely to be any critical CFO‘s favourite topic. This is no different in the case of a warehouse for packaging. But there is no need for things to be this way.

There is simply no alternative:

  • Small volumes make products more expensive
  • procurement and production costs are exposed to severe cost pressure
  • Problem «warehousing versus transactions»
  • Problem «warehousing versus destruction costs»

Or is there? We have innovative solutions for this:

Analyses Order structure, format, materials, ink analyses

Optimisation potential optimum order volumes, optimum management, Format and ink optimisations, material harmonisation, optimisation of transaction costs, volume optimisation with dynamic price lists

Deliveries JIT based on the pull principle, speed job (5+2 days order), emergency production for repeat orders (within 72 h)

ERP/IT link Order processing, order confirmation/invoicing, stock management/warehouse access > success-related (both parties benefit)

Launch/Fast Track ( > registration) specific accommodations Prices depending on order/type

Your benefits:

  • substantially reducing complexity
  • optimising stock management
  • «forecasts» ensure optimised order volumes
  • meaningful networking of business processes

These are things to talk about. And things that compute. An individual talk is always worthwhile.